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About Dan Frankian

about dan frankian

Dan Frankian is an accomplished falconer, using his skills to provide a natural alternative to chemical and product driven Bird, Animal, and Pest Control in the Toronto and Golden Horseshoe Area... Read more »

hawkeye in canada  Hawkeye in Canada

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control
5048 Erin First Line
Acton, ON L7J 2L9

hawkeye in usa  Hawkeye in the U.S.

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control
5600 N Flagler Dr #705
West Palm Beach, FL 33407  USA


Locations across Ontario

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control

1 Hycrest Ave #602
Toronto, ON M2N 6V8

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control

33 Landerville Lane
Bowmanville, ON L1C 4W8

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control

16 Dorchester Ave
Brantford ON N3R 5G4

Hawkeye Bird & Animal Control

544 Queensville Sideroad W
River Drive Park ON L9N 1A7

Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control

2676 Harmony Rd N
Oshawa, ON L1H 8A7

Hawkeye Bird  & Animal Control

5359 Timberlea Blvd
Mississauga ON L4W 4N5


If your reason for contacting us is not of an urgent matter you may use our convenient form; if you require immediate assistance please call us at 416-429-5393 or email [email protected]



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In Ontario, Hawkeye offers Bird control, Animal control, Wildlife removal services and products in: