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Commerical animal control

This information is for Animal / Wildlife Control, please visit BIRD CONTROL for pest bird related issues.


Hawkeye's permit/license under The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Act (MNR) as a licensed furbearer trapper, uniquely qualifies HAWKEYE as a company to offer:

- Capture and relocation within 1km of the pest animal OR
- Capture and permanent removal/euthanize of the pest animal at your request


Hawkeye Bird and Animal Control can address your commercial or industrial nuisance animal or wildlife problem. With over 25 years experience in the bird, animal and wildlife control business we know which techniques work. Our experienced trappers will provide a free assessment of your property today; identify the problem and create a solution that works for your business.



  • Most people associate airports with bird strikes, however other pest wildlife often cause serious issues for airports and runways including raccoons, coyotes, fox and deer.
  • Hawkeye has worked in and around airports and knows which techniques work best in pest-proofing these areas.
  • We commonly use falconry as well as dogs to help control wildlife.


Architectural Consulting

  • Architecture is usually a creation of a unique, beautiful structure. Pest birds, animals and wildlife are often forgotten about when buildings are being designed. This can lead to many problems in the years after for occupants, including structural damage and costs for repair and services. Hawkeye can help you avoid these costly mistakes and teach you to design with wildlife in mind.
  • We offer consulting for architects, architectural engineers, building or property management/maintenance


Farming & Agricultural

  • While it is challenging to completely prevent wildlife from damaging crops as well as posing a risk to farm animals, there are ways to reduce loss and deter wildlife.
  • Hawkeye will assess your property and wildlife/animal nuisance you are experiencing and develop a plan to help you protect your farm.
  • Timing is critical to get the most value for your investment in wildlife control. With farming being heavily reliant on weather, it is important to address those problems before your busy season starts.


Food Industry

  • Pest animals and wildlife can pose serious health risks to both your customers and staff.
  • Hawkeye can assess your facility to ensure proper safety measures are in place to prevent wildlife from accessing your business and contaminating your product.
  • Typically, areas like receiving doors or a propped open door are common entrances for pests
  • Whether you are AIB, qualified or have similar safety quality assurance or quality control systems, we can help you address issues like animals defecating or disturbing assembly lines and spreading viruses and diseases into your manufacturing line.


Government/Public Sector

  • Public spaces like parks often fall victim to nuisance birds, animals and wildlife.
  • These areas are often green, well manicured, have a source of water, alternate food sources like human garbage and are not occupied for many hours at a time providing the perfect opportunity for pest wildlife.
  • In addition, city or provincially owned roadways, ditches and culverts often provide a network of paths for any number of small nuisance wildlife like foxes, skunks, raccoons, beavers, muskrats and more.
  • Tall grasses provide coverage while ditches provide a consistent source of water.
  • With the current rabies outbreak continuing to spread north from the U.S., certain areas are becoming more prevalent. Pre-baiting is important to help stop the spread, but all licenced trappers are working with authorities to ensure proper handling of wildlife at risk for rabies (raccoons, skunks, foxes)
  • Hawkeye has worked with many municipalities and local businesses to address nuisance wildlife following MNR guidelines and precautions.


Manufacturing Industries

  • Manufacturing plants often struggle with nuisance animals and wildlife.
  • Many plants are aging and in disrepair leaving nooks and crannies for small pests to find their way in.
  • Receiving doors are often left open, inviting mother nature inside.
  • We can help you address issues like animals defecating or disturbing assembly lines and spreading viruses and diseases into your manufacturing line.
  • Pest animals also pose a risk to high voltage areas, overhead wires, cranes and fiber optic communication lines.
  • Prevent your goods from being damaged by pests, call Hawkeye today for a free consultation of your plant.



  • Landfills come with a host of pest bird, animal and wildlife issues
  • Typically, we associate them with pest birds like gulls, however small animals are attracted to the smell of rotting food, bugs and a host of other material they scavenge
  • Hawkeye has worked in many different landfills, our technicians not only provide bird and animal control, but have training in traffic control and proper inspection and handling of waste (including hazardous waste)
  • Commonly we use falconry and dogs to help control wildlife in landfills. See falconry for bird control for more information on using falconry to control pest birds


Medical Industry

  • Hospitals, drug manufacturers, care facilities and other medical facilities are extremely sensitive to the smallest level of contamination from problem birds or other wildlife.
  • With a large amount of waste, recycling and compost that often sits in large dumpsters outside the building, this can attract a host of pest birds, animals and wildlife.
  • Raccoons, squirrels and skunks are common offenders of dumpster diving.
  • With a recent outbreak of rabies in Ontario, this type of pest should be given extra consideration for pest control